Sunday, 4 March 2018

Walking with Mrs Humdrum - Warsash

It was one of those days when plans changed at the last minute. We were up and ready to leave at 8.15 on a Sunday morning for football, possibly the first game for a good few weeks, when we get the text - cancelled! What to do?

Well breakfast first at The Parade Tearooms, followed by a random walk along the shoreline at Warsash. Mr Humdrum had been around here before, but we hadn't. We chose the shoreline over the nature reserve (will have to return for that), which overlooks Hamble. There is a spit which makes for a nice brisk walk there and back. On the way, we discovered a training establishment with lifeboards and davits on the pier head. Sheet-glass ice at the water's edge made for interest by both Messrs Humdrum. Master Humdrum just liked smashing them with big rocks and stones. Mr Humdrum liked the noise and so recorded the smashing!

Walking with Mrs Humdrum - Forest of Bere in the snow

This was a walk routed out by Mr Humdrum on his phone, not really taking into account that walking on sludge and in snow is like walking on sand, not that easy, thus affecting the time it took! However it was a great walk, with deer, country fields, posh houses with tennis courts, disused railway lines (of course now I've got Still Ill by The Smiths in my head) and of course, lots of snow. Master Humdrum did wear the wrong shoes and had wet feet for the majority of the journey!

We set off in a southerly direction at Wickham at the station car park, crossed over the A32, walked up quite a few country lanes, including hills, which we in Portsmouth are not used to! We traversed a few fields and crossed back over the A32 again, up to Hundred Acre Wood, where we stopped for a quick snack (a Tunnocks snowball no less) and down through to the Wickham station car park again, via a lovely pub lunch at The Roebuck.

Admittedly we were a little stiff and cold after the pub lunch, and this is when it decided to rain. A total of 6.2 miles, not bad in four hours, including lunch.

Master Humdrum skated down one of the drives in Hundred Acre Woods and built the world's worst snowman with his dad. He has also worked out how to make yellow snow!

Please stop telling me I look tired

  1. Please stop telling me I look tired. I’m actually a lot less tired than last week. This week, I’m aiming to go to bed way earlier than last week. I mean 11pm rather than midnight. Now that I’ve finished Twin Peaks The Reboot (and I was nearly as peed off as I was when Pamela Ewing popped out of the shower to find her Atlantis hubby still alive in bed), there isn’t as much to keep me up. 
  2. Please stop telling me I look tired. I’m drinking nearly enough, and I mean water not prosecco. I’ve realised that drinking prosecco (or just alcohol in general) does give me bags in the mornings, but I haven’t drunk much since that fondue party. (That was only two weeks ago. I am trying.) 
  3. Please stop telling me I look tired. I’ve always been a late turner-in-er. I burned my duvet when I was young, reading Agatha Christie books after lights-out. I come alive at around 10pm. Well, this isn’t so true now I’m getting older, but once I’ve gone upstairs, I wake up again even if I was comatose on the sofa in front of Marcella just now. (Where is she now? Has she had another blackout? What have I missed?) 
  4. Please stop telling me I look tired. As a voracious reader, I have to read when I go to bed. I read as many chapters as I can before dropping my Kindle or book, then just one more for the road. Even when I’m tipsy, I still have to read. I just re-read that bit the next night too. 
  5. Please stop telling me I look tired. I occasionally think some people are gaslighting me – I think I look OK. I’ve actually made more of an effort with my makeup and hair today.m But oh no, they say I don’t, I look tired. Am I coming down with something? Am I doing too much? Sometimes it feels like just an excuse to say something negative. 
  6. Please stop telling me I look tired. I am allowed to say it. When we’re asked Are you alright? No one wants a detailed answer, so we just reply Just tired. You know! 
  7. Please stop telling me I look tired. Did you know I’ve always had these bloody eye bags? I’m 47 this year and they’ve not changed. Anyone who can remember Neighbours back in the 80s will know the character who had massive bags. I am her. My friends say I look like Deborah Meaden. I can only focus on her eyebags. Nothing I do changes them. Touche Eclat? Buzzcocks. A cold spoon? WTFlip! Massage with your ring finger? Yeh rite. 
  8. Please stop telling me I look tired. This is just me, it’s the way I am. And although you may have none at all, did you know that under this fringe, I have absolutely no lines on my forehead at all. None. Like a baby’s bottom. So there.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Out walking with Mrs Humdrum - Emsworth to Langstone

I suppose it started with a group walk in Hambledon late last year. A friend organised a walk for four of us, we walked it, she said she'd organise a monthly one, I missed the last, bought some new walking "trainer/boots" but I was hooked. For exercise, I try to run. When I say try, I mean that I both try to fit in runs during the week and I also actually try to run. I shuffle. But I can run, I can run/walk a 5K. But if there's an excuse not to, I will find it. In February half-term, I caught a cold and as is normal with me, I always suffer with my sinuses. It seemed that walking was the only thing that kept the cold at bay! (Well that and the hot tub from my earlier holiday in half-term!) I lived in those walking shoes, and I have just about since. Maybe this is the new exercise for me? Who knows.

Last week, on our second big walk, there were three of us. Arrangements made by A well in advance were forgotten and she changed them last minute! It was a beautiful crisp day, such a contrast to this week, deep in snow. We set off from Emsworth en route to Langstone. I'd walked this route many years ago when practising for the Moonwalk, but had used it mainly as a walk, not to investigate what was en route, nor did I ruminate or reveal, which we did this time. It's probably due to the fact that I was around 30 then and had no need for ruminations or revelations. Fast forward nearly 17 years, and there's always something to talk about. Talk we did, but what is discussed on a walk stays on a walk. Them's the rules.

Emsworth is a pretty little town on the south coast, near the border of Hampshire/West Sussex, famous until the early 20th century for its oyster industry. Promenading around the harbour leads you directly to the shoreline along to Langstone, the gateway to Hayling Island.

Supposed to be following a map, we stayed on the beach, photographing the views and interesting hedges. After a quick coffee stop at The Ship Inn, we retraced the original route along country lanes, passing through a 9th century church and its graveyard. Touching the original wooden (small) door, I wondered who had touched the same spot, and how many had done so. This graveyard is known for intricate graves decorated with carvings of ships and skulls, as noted in our guide book.

C. Cal Higgins Photography

C. Cal Higgins Photography

Lunch was well deserved back in Emsworth after a 4 and a half mile walk in total, at The Coal Exchange, a quaint, tiny pub with proper pub lunches (I had a Coalie Club sandwich with chips). 

I can't say what was best about this walk - the company, the scenery, the weather or the discussions on the way!